Film Premiere – Top 100: Building Green Giants

The first episode of new documentary Top 100: Building Green Giants is now live! As one of the sponsors H2 Yachts would like to share the documentary with you.

Film Premiere - Top 100: Building Green Giants

The Time is Now

Episode 1, ‘The Time is Now’ invites the superyacht industry into the current climate issues surrounding the major global contributors to the ocean problem and the mission of leading charity Blue Marine.

The superyacht industry will share why the ocean is intrinsic to each brand through their history and heritage, and its role in celebrating our seas. Not only this, but we discuss why the superyacht industry is best placed to protect it. As a major drive to the economy, honing vast technological capabilities and owners at the forefront of pioneering technological and ecological change, it is our understanding of the superyacht industry, and its power, that drives us in understanding how we, as an industry, can make a difference.

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